Direct Dial

Make international calls just like local calls. Assign your contacts U.S. numbers and call them with one click. (More)

Direct Dial is a FREE feature that allows you to call internationally without dialing an access number. Simply assign your chosen international contact a local number. Then save it and call them right from your phone book.

  • No additional fees

       Only standard calling rates apply.

  • One-click international calls

       One-click international calls

  • Easy account management

       Update your Direct Dial contacts online (for free).

  • Super-fast speeds

       International dialing speed 60% faster than traditional dialing.*

  • Unique U.S. phone numbers

       Save them in your phone book & call like any local number.

  • For use on all mobile phones

       New or old – no app required.

* Speeds calculated using test sample calls: traditional international dialing method versus Direct Dial dialing method.

How it Works

• Log in

Log in to your online account and click “Phone Services” under “Services & Features.” Select the “Direct Dial” tab.

• Add Numbers

Choose one of your account's registered numbers.

Select “add number” next to it. Complete the required fields in the Direct Dial registration form.

• Save

Save the local Direct Dial number (tied to your desired international contact) in your phone.

• Call

Call directly from your phone book – no access numbers or PINs required.